Mason Jar & Rustic Pallet Light Fixture DIY

Mason Jar & Rustic Pallet Light Fixture DIY
Who would've thought an old pallet, some mason jars and a little bit of extension cord could turn into a one-of-a-kind light fixture and a work of art - AND cost less than $50 to create?

There are variations of this fixture being sold at places like Pottery Barn for a couple hundred dollars.  And I don't know about you, but for us,

Fall DIY Round-Up: Our 8 Favs

twenty8divine: Our 8 Favorite Autumn DIY's from Pinterest

There is SOOOOO much talent and creativity being shared on Pinterest - it was hard to pick the top 8 fall DIY's!

A Simple Country Style Cocktail Party

We moved into our cottage in mid September - and not only were we blessed with the cutest house on earth - we also have the sweetest neighbors in the world.  I didn't even know neighbors existed like this, aside from on TV or in the movies, but they do - and we are lucky enough to share a street with them.