The Evolution of my "Craft Cave"

My husband Sammy is such a good sport - we we initially moved into our 3 bedroom home, he was "given" the 3rd room for a "Man Cave".... months and months went by and all that happened in the "man cave" was a sad little Army poster tacked to the wall, a lonesome click-clack couch and ugly, drab, depressing looking brown curtains.

The room was not being used to it's full potential. As a result, my crafting was taking place in the living room, the dining room, even taking over part of the kitchen - as Sam put it, it looked like a "craft store threw-up all over our great room."  So, being the awesome husband he is, he "gave" me full reign over the "Man Cave" to transform into my very own "Craft Cave".
This is the room where happiness went to die.
First order of business, was to add some color - I've always wanted a Tiffany's blue wall - so that was an obvious choice:
Work in progress...
Same little couch - handmade curtains, throw pillows,
lampshades and an Anthropologie rug...
My little craft cave was underway.  The vintage orange velvet chair I found was the icing on the cake - it added that nice pop of color I was looking for - plus orange is one of my favorite colors.  But it still felt like something was missing and I wasn't sure just what that was...

New handmade pillows and new handmade lampshades.

So I made some NEW throw pillows, incorporated purple into the room and found an awesome print of a vintage poster to hang on my lovely blue wall.

I am in love with my new Craft Cave. 

And most importantly - Miss Bee also approves.