Mason Jar into Soap Dispenser

I love mason jars.  I am finding so many uses for them around the house.  My newest venture was turning a mason jar into a hand soap dispenser.

It was SO easy.  
All you need is:
    Plumb Bob

  • mason jar 
  • power drill (or a hammer and a thick nail would probably work fine too)
  • hammer
  • A plumb bob (I had no idea what this was - but my hubby suggested it - and it was the PERFECT tool, sold at any hardware store) 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Soap pump (from old dispenser or sold at craft stores)
Use the power drill (or hammer and nail) to get a hole started in the center of the mason jar lid.

Then use the plumb bob and hammer to make the hole the perfect size for your soap pump.

Now insert the soap pump into the hole - you want it to be snug.  

Use your hot glue gun to seal the pump to the lid...

fill with soap and voila!  A shabby chic soap dispenser - perfect for you or as a gift!