New Princess Bed for Binky

My dear friend Corinne gave me this sweet bed, her dad made for her daughter's when they were younger, to put their dolls in. The other day, when I was over at Corinne's, we were in her garage and I spotted this bed and she said I could have it. Oh boy, was I OVERJOYED. I have been dreaming of making my little princess her own four poster bed forever, but I am not a wood worker, so it was just a dream....
This sweet little doll bed made my dream a reality!
I had so much fun transforming this bed.  All you need is some paint, some stuffing and some fleece fabric (and the cutest dog in the world).  

I decided to add a little more pizzazz to the bed - since Binky is a princess after all.  So I added a few finishing touches: a pom pom trim and vintage postcards modge podged to the head board.

And voila, a bed fit for a princess! 

Binky is loving every minute of it!!!