Bring some "Glee" into your home with this Simple Cacti DIY!

Courtesy of Vanessa Lengies - Twitter 2012

While browsing through twitter today, checking the updates of all my favorite stars (i.e. the cast of Glee), I fell in love with Vanessa Lengies' (aka "Sugar Motta" from Glee - the BEST show of all time) super cute cactus, mason jar DIY project.

I have a soft spot for mason jars.... and Glee... and "Sugar" so I asked for her permission to share this project, she obliged (so awesome getting a direct message from her!) and voila!  Here is my step by step tutorial on how to create this simple, green, inexpensive piece of live art:

Here is what Vanessa created, that inspired me:

Supplies you need: Mason Jar, Cacti and String

Put the cacti in your mason jar, keeping in as much soil as possible. (You can stuff more soil in later...)

Wrap your string, twine, ribbon (whatever you like) around the jar a couple times...

Snip off the excess string - so you have enough to tie a pretty little "Sugar" bow

You're Done!

So Cute!

The best part: all the supplies are green - this is SUSTAINABLE art!  YAY!!