Decorating with Vintage Birds

I absolutely love birds.  I am in the process of begging my husband to let me get a live bird - but that is a work in progress... Until then, my love of birds will have to be filled with my vintage bird collection, I have displayed throughout our living room and kitchen.

This bird is a vintage Christmas tree ornament - perched in a nest in a vase of poppies.

This bird, though not vintage, is a cute little bird I picked up at New Seasons.  She just clips right on to the plant.

These are handmade vintage clay birds that are hand-painted with such cute designs.

This is out little owl - we can also use this as a candle holder.

This ceramic duck sits beside our entertainment center.  She really scared our pets at first!

These are not vintage.  They're coasters from Anthropologie.  Such a great buy @ only $4 each!

These brass bookends belonged to my dad.  I can remember seeing these in his office when I was a kid.  I always wanted them and he finally gave them to me last summer.  Perfect in the kitchen to hold cookbooks!