Decorating with Vintage License Plates

My husband Sam and I hit an awesome estate sale this morning.  As soon as we walked in, I saw a pile of vintage European license plates... and I made a beeline right to them.  

There were so many awesome license plates to choose from, picking which ones we were going to take home was the difficult part.  We were looking for rare, aged and unique looking plates.  We fell in love with the ones we picked out.  The wear and tear on them tells such a story - and I thought it was really cool that one of the plates had the initials "DK" on it - for my name, Dianne Kelley.  We have already hung that one up in our dining room - but are still trying to decide where to place the rest of them.  

We are thinking the estate sale was for someone who used to be in the military - because there was a lot of military memorabilia and it items that would suggest the deceased was well traveled and had lived in all over the world.  My husband found (and purchased) a trench shovel that is dated during WWII - complete with the solider's name engraved on the shovel and included the canvas case with "US" embroidered on it.  I can just try to imagine the stories behind that shovel - and where it had been.

That is the best part of finding items from the past - they hold so many memories and can make your mind wander to the places they've been.  Much better than buying something from a box store - where the items are a dime a dozen, have no back story and are mass produced.  Vintage is the best.
We are guessing this one is from Germany...???

The Germany plate and a close-up of one of the "DK" plates

Look how amazing the age is on this one!

A full shot of my "DK" plate.