Drum Lamp Shade Chandelier DIY

Living in an apartment, you are stuck with the run of the mill, cheap as it gets, glass dome kitchen chandelier.  This simply would not do for me.  When I see something that has a little room for improvement, I take it to the next level and make it into something people will Ooooo and Aaaaaah over :)
Thus, my homemade drum lampshade chandelier was born.
This may be for the more intermediate DIY'er with a little extra patience to spare.  I thought this would be super simple, but it did end up taking a while - but that could be because I am a major perfectionist....

Here is what you need to make this beaut:

First, connect all your plastic mesh sheets with masking or packaging tape.  You will want the finished mesh measurements to be 11" high by 56.6" long.  Then, you will wrap the plastic mesh around the outside of the quilting hoops (use the inner hoop, not the outer one with the adjustment mechanism on it).  Hot glue the mesh as you go... securing both hoops to the mesh - top and bottom, creating the shell of the drum shade - basically a large cylinder.

Next, iron your fabric.  You will want to center the fabric over the shell you created (the plastic mesh is 14" x 11", so you will have a drum that is 11 inches tall).  The fabric is 60" x 14", so you will have 1.5" on either side of the drum to tuck into the inside.  Hot glue the fabric on the INSIDE of the drum shade as you wrap it - being sure to keep it taught.  Now you have a complete fabric covered drum, but how do you hang it?

This is where the wooden dowels and pipe cleaners come in.

You will want to create a cross grid, securing the wooden dowels to the quilting hoops with hot glue.  See picture:

This part is a little tricky, because you need to be able to adjust the width of the wooden dowels to securely fit over your bulb mechanism.

Because I like to get fancy, I added a little pom pom trim to mine, but this is totally up to you.

And voila, the finished product!  
Any questions, ask me!