Felt Flower Drum Lampshade DIY

I don't know what it is lately about felt, but I am just obsessed with jazzing things up with this VERY inexpensive fabric.  It is so easy to manipulate into whatever you heart desires.  

I covered these drum lampshades a while back with fabric - and I always knew there was something missing... today, I figured out what that was - FELT FLOWERS!  

The hard part about this, was that I had to make 2 identical shades, so the flowers had to be laid out EXACTLY the same (or it would've kept me up at night)... so first, I laid them out, made my measurements and warmed up the hot glue gun...

Once the flowers were laid out to my heart's desire, I began gluing them on the shade - flower by flower on each shade, so they would be identical.


See my felt flower tutorial here