Felt Rose Votive Candle Holders - DIY

I love candles.  I can't have enough of them!  So naturally, I buy a ton of them and run out of votive jars to put them in.  I started saving my Glade candle jars.  But you could do this with any kind of jar - on a larger or smaller scale, depending on your vision. 
All you need is felt flowers (which I show you how to make here), String and some Glass Votive holders / jars / cups / etc.   Wrap the string around the glass, a few times, then hot glue it to secure it.  Place the felt leaves OVER where you hot glued the string down.  Finally, hot glue the felt flower on top of the rose.  If you like,  you can add a bead to the center of the flower for a little extra pizzazz!