Lamp Remodel - Handmade Shade & Spray Paint DIY

We bought this lamp at Goodwill several years ago.  It is your basic, run-of-the-mill, black wrought iron lamp.  But something about the curves and design spoke to me - and I knew it needed a place in our home.  
All you need is 1 yard of cotton utilitarian fabric (kept by the burlap at my local Joann's), one can of spray paint in emerald green, Mod Podge and a medium drum lamp shade from Target (or if you have one laying around the house, that would work too).
Start by cutting strips of the fabric in the width you want your leaves to be.  I wasn't too precise on this part, I thought the more imperfect the shape of the varying leaves, the more interesting it would look when it was done.  So I didn't use a stencil or anything, just cut as I went along.

Using Mod Podge, I start securing the BASES of each leaf, leaving the tips of the leaves unsecured, making the shade more dimensional.  I did this row by row, until the shade was completely covered. (Make sure you put something down to protect your floor/rug/working surface - Mod Podge can get a little messy.)

After the several thin coats of spray paint dried on the lamp base, I was read to attach my new shade - YAY!

I put this lamp in our home office - we have a tropical theme going on in there - and this lamp was the PERFECT fit!