My New Vintage Birdcage - in my Fav Color! Score!!!

Basically, the only upside to having strepthroat and laryngitis, is that I have oodles of time on my hands and a laptop I can browse, while laying in bed.  And today while browsing, I hit paydirt! 

I have been looking FOREVER for a vintage birdcage and today I LUCKED out and found this one on Craigslist.  The sellers were VERY nice people - and to honest, I am envious of that they do - I would LOVE to be an antique dealer!  My husband and I just watched 4 episodes of American Pickers on the History channel for 4 hours straight.  We are mesmerized by the stuff out there and dream of the day we can be pickers....

Until then, I will quench my thirst with exciting vintage finds, like this beautiful, weathered, rusty birdcage :)