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Sometime, it feels like the world is against you - but then, for one instant, you are blessed with a gorgeous rainbow, and all your worries come into perspective... at least, that is how it feels for me....

My Nana, whom I was VERY close to, passed away on my Mom's birthday last year.  This past September, all of the family, from all across the country gathered in Avalon, NJ to spread Nana's ashes.  The day was cold and VERY windy, so spreading ashes in the Atlantic ocean, with monsoon winds and cold weather posed a challenge....

All 20 something of us arrived at Nana's favorite beach location (the same place Pop Pop's ashes were spread years earlier) and the wind died down, the clouds cleared and we were blessed with this beautiful rainbow

It was like Nana was telling us she was there with us.

Then, again, on Christmas day (in Oregon where it is nasty, rainy and gross in the winter) I saw another rainbow - it was Nana telling me she was celebrating with us.

And again, the other day, I was having a horrible day at work.  I left the office crying and what did I see?

It was another rainbow - Nana, telling me everything was going to be OK.

And she was right.  I love you Nana.

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