Ruler-Topped Table - SO CUTE! DIY

Transform a tired side table by covering the top in vintage or store-bought yardsticks — be sure to get a variety of colors that are all the same thickness.
(For a 19-inch by 17-inch table like this one, you'll need about 16 yardsticks; yardsticks, $1.99 each,

1. To figure out how best to align the sticks, create a template of the tabletop by tracing it onto a sheet of paper. Arrange the rulers on the template, marking where you'll need to cut so they fit the width and length of the table.

2. Once you know where each ruler segment will go, make the cuts with a hacksaw or small electric saw. Smooth out any rough edges with medium-grit sandpaper.

3. Starting at one corner, attach one of the ruler segments to the top of the table lengthwise by hammering a flat-head nail in at each end. Repeat in rows until the entire surface is covered. You can stagger the sticks as shown, but line them up carefully to avoid gaps.

4. Working in a well-ventilated area, apply several layers of polyurethene (about $6 at a local hardware store) over the yardsticks with a wide brush, according to the can's directions. Allow ample time for drying between coats. Once you're done, let the table dry for another 48 hours before putting anything on its surface.

This idea is from  I do not take credit for the photo or the idea.  It's just SO cute, I had to share it with my readers.  I am definitely going to attempt to make this for our home.  When I do, I will update with pictures :)