Turn a Design on Your Rug into a Pillow Applique!

We bought this art-deco style rose rug when we got our first place together - so it has some very sentimental value to me.

Over the years, our style has gone from Pottery Barn-esque to Modern Vintage style - so I really wanted to find a way to make this more traditional rug fit into our more eclectic, colorful style we have moved towards.
One night, while staring at the rug, I was noticing how pretty the flower design was, and how simple it would be to make a stencil of it.... So, I grabbed my camera, found my favorite rose and took a picture.  I then converted this picture to black and white and used it as my stencil.

I then pinned each piece of my stencil to felt and cut out the shapes... It was really just like putting together a simple puzzle.

I then sewed the applique down, piece by piece, on to some fresh, bright fabric.