What a Lazy Puppy: Bedding DIY Sneak-Peek

Binky, my dog, in our bed asleep
This morning, I walked into our bedroom to find Binky VERY cozy in our bed.  It was funny, cause she poked her head out so she could watch me as I got ready for work - she is always very concerned with what I am doing.

I thought this would also be a good sneak-peek at the duvet cover and pillow shams I made. 
I will be featuring the how to for this in a post very soon.

The sheets are also the product of a DIY experiment.  These were white sheets, that had been washed and used so many times, they were no longer stark white - so I decided to experiment with fabric dye.  This orange-coral color is the result of several different colored dye packets (which I will disclose in my bedding DIY post).  But for now, here is a little preview of the bedding, with the world's cutest doggie enjoying their homemade coziness :)