DIY Gumball "Machine"

This is quite possibly the cutest way to house your candy; whether it be gumballs, chocolates, gum drops, etc.  This project costs less than $10 to make and is super easy to do.  All you need is a plant pot, spray paint, a fish bowl, some kind of "knob" for the top (mine was an old perfume bottle cap), and hot glue.
Spray paint the plant pot and base in glossy spray paint - I chose red, because it fits in with our decor.  I also used a high-gloss paint, because I wanted it to have the appearance of metal, like a real gumball machine would be made out of.

Once dry, put hot glue on the fish bowl and place on top the upside down plant pot.  Attach the knob to the plant base - which is now the lid of the gumball machine.  Fill with your candy of choice and you have a nostalgic, vintage-esque, gumball machine!