Old Pallet into Herb Garden - DIY

My husband and I have always thought how great it would be to grow our own herbs and vegetables, but thought since we lived in an apartment, we wouldn't be able to have a garden.  Then we found this old, weathered pallet and decided to give our herb garden idea a whirl.
Rather than verbally tell you the steps we took to make our pallet herb garden, I documented the process with photos.  My husband did all of the wood working - I did the planting.  One really good tip I have for you if you want to make this - when you cut the wood, where you made the cut will look new and fresh.  To give it an aged appearance we carefully used a hand torch to singe the edges.  This is a great alternative to a garden for people living in apartments or who are limited on space.  We are growing some of our favorites: onions, cilantro and rosemary.