Ruffle Lamp Shade - DIY

This is quite possibly the easiest update you can make in any room of your home - a spruced up lampshade.

I made this simple shade using strips of fabric and a basic white drum shade.  My shade is 9 inches tall - so to figure out how wide to make your strips of fabric, you want to take the height of the shade (mine was 9) and divide it by how many ruffle you want (I did 3) - so my equation looked like this: 9 ÷ 3 = 3.  

Now, you want to add 2 inches to each ruffle (so they overlap and you don't see the drum shade underneath).  So my strips of fabric were 5 inches wide.  (I hope I am not not losing anyone here!)... 

Now you want to ruffle the fabric strips.  Click here for a great tutorial on how to do that.  After you complete the "ruffling" process, you simply hot glue the ruffled fabric strips to the shade.  I did the top and bottom first, then the center one last, so it was evenly spaced.

So I realize the math involved in this one might make some of you run for the hills, but it's really quite simple when you get down to it - and the results are totally worth it!  If any of this didn't make sense or if you have any questions, please contact me!