Wooden Buttons + Colorful Embroidery Thread = a VERY Cute Pillow!

 This is just about the cutest throw pillow in the world (well in my opinion anyways, but I am probably a little biased).  These are just different sized wooden buttons, embellished with DMC floss in a rainbow of colors, stitched to a throw pillow.  The best part about this project is you could use any colors - ones that would compliment your decor.  I am partial to bright colors (as I am sure you can tell from my other postings).  So these colors are a dream for me.  The possibilities for how many different ways you could design this pillow are endless - and that is what makes it so fun!  It's a perfect for everyone -
no matter what their color scheme.  It is also a relatively simple and straight forward DIY craft project, so it is good for the beginner DIY-er too.  I have a feeling I will be making a lot of these pillows - and they will start popping up in every room of my house :)