Custom Jewelry: Example - Necklace for one of my Best Friend's - Custom Necklace for my best friend, each piece symbolizes our friendship
What better way to show a friend or loved one how much they mean to you than with a custom made necklace that reflects the special relationship you share?

Recently, one of my best friends had a birthday - so I put a necklace together for her that symbolizes how much she means to me and how much I cherish our friendship.  Our friendship is one that betters my life - and words can't express how important that is in a friendship!

So when I gave her the necklace, I included the following note, describing what each piece on the necklace represents.  I know she loved it, because she cried with happiness when she was reading it.  (on a personal note: Becky, I love you Bestie!) - Custom Jewelry - Custom Jewelry note

If you are interested in a custom piece for one of your loved ones, please follow these instructions below: - Custom Jewelry Instructions
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