Instagram - Turn Your Favorite Pics into Magnets! DIY

Instagram is the hottest, hippest (and I am the authority on hip) way to capture and edit your photos.  Anyone's photos can turn into a work of art with just a little tweek here and there - but these pics can only be enjoyed on your phone.  No longer my friend, now you can take those pictures and turn them into magnets that you can enjoy on your fridge everyday!

All you need to do, is print your favorite pictures onto standard copy paper, into 2.5" x 2.5" squares and Mod Podge them to small aluminum 3" x 3" squares.  My step by step tutorial is going to be via pictures, because this is a pretty simple project that needs little explanation.  But as always, if you have any questions, ask me!
Gather your supplies: aluminum squares, photos, mod podge, a sponge brush and adhesive magents
Paint a layer of mod podge over the aluminum square
Place picture on top of mod podged square - and mod podge over the photo 
Add a second coat of mod podge
Let the items dry - I placed my atop wooden skewers
After completely dry, use a razor to scrape any excess glue off the back of the aluminum square
Cut adhesive magnet tape to fit the back width of your aluminum square
Press it down to adhere like so
All dry and ready to be hung on the fridge
Ta da!