Patio Chandelier DIY: Using a Colander & Lamp Cord

Just because you have a small outdoor space, or live in an apartment or condo, doesn't mean you can't create your own little outdoor oasis.  This project is insanely simple and you don't need any electrical knowledge what-so-ever. 
All you need is: A colander of your choice (I used the Chefmate stainless steel colander, the pineapples make awesome patterns on the ceiling when illuminated), a lamp cord (we just took one out of a lamp we weren't using anymore - one end has a plug and the other end has a bulb socket), and a hook to hang the cord from your overhang.

Since colanders already have holes in the bottom, string your cord (bulb socket detached at this point) through the center hole.  Put a washer on (to keep it hanging even) and then reattach the bulb socket.

Attach a hook into the overhang and hang it from there, at the desired length.  Next, simply plug in and voila!  A unique, one-of-a-kind chandelier that costs less than $10 to make and can be enjoyed for many summer evenings to come.

Now all you have to do it fire up the barbecue!