Pickle Jars + 2 Shades of Paint = Ombré Vases!

In my last pickle jar DIY I showed you how to make custom colored vases using nothing but a pickle jar (or any jar or glass for that matter) and latex paint.  Today, I took that same concept one step further and jumped on the ombré trend bandwagon and made beautiful, swirly, one-of-a-kind glass vases.

All you have to do is wash (and dry very well) your pickle jar, tilt it to the side and pour about a 1/4 cup of one color paint in the bottom and down the side.  Then, tilt the jar to it's other side and pour about 1/4 cup of your other color paint on the bottom and down the side.  Twist and twirl, manipulate and maneuver the colors around until all sides of the interior glass are covered.  

Now you need to "drain" the excess paint out of your jars.  To do so, take two wooden skewers and place them over a piece of tupperware (or some other receptacle you can toss) then place the pickle jar upside down on top of the skewers.  This allows the extra paint to drip out, slowly and evenly, so the interior of the jar is smooth and flawless.  

Let it sit upside over the paint bucket like this for about an hour or two.  Then put in a safe, dry place where the paint can dry.  Because the paint is on the thick side, it takes about 48 hours to dry to perfection.

And voila!  A beautiful, eclectic, do it your self vase!  You could do this with SO many other things, besides just pickle jars!  Think what fun centerpieces these could make at a wedding - so customizable and SO CHEAP!!!