Stop and Smell the Roses... or Poppies in this case

My sweet Chihuahua Terrier, Binky, smelling the first blooms BinkysNest.comI have been waiting, like a kid waiting for Christmas, for the seeds I planted to finally bloom - and yesterday, the first two poppies opened up!  It was very exciting for me, because I do NOT have a green thumb and I typically kill every plant I have ever had.  So this was a BIG day for me.  And, apparently, a big day for Binky - because she could not stop smelling the flowers.  I was only able to capture a couple pictures, cause Binky moves so quickly, but she really seemed to be enjoying herself, quite a bit! I planted an array of
seeds, from poppies, to morning glories and (I think) dahlias.  Like I said, I am no plant guru, so I am not even really sure what I planted - or if they would even grow.  I followed the seed packet directions: planted them after the last frost, etc, etc.  So I was hoping I would be in good shape.  I snapped this picture of when the sprouts FINALLY started to emerge (this was also a very exciting day for me)

My little seeds are finally sprouting!

I am so jazzed that the flowers are coming in now finally - and in different colors too!  Hot pink and red poppies don't get any prettier.  I am so excited to see what will bloom next - since I can't even remember what exactly I planted. :)