Vintage Indian Motorcycle Sign Handpainted Vintage Indian Motorcycle Sign
My husband has always loved motorcycles, but he especially loves vintage Indian Motorcycles.  A few weeks ago, we were antiquing and he found (and fell in love with) an old Indian Motorcycles sign.  It was a tad bit out of our price range (and by tad I mean hundreds) so sadly we couldn’t take it home with us.  But it got me thinking, “why couldn’t I just paint him a sign like that?”  So I did some research online how to create the “vintage” effect when painting and found some really awesome tips.  I gathered up my supplies,

My Inspiration: The Real Deal
shut the craft room door (so my husband couldn’t see) and painted away.  It took me a couple days to finish, but I was MORE than pleased with the end result.  This sign looks like it’s been around for years and years.  I loved it so much, I decided to give it to him as a gift for our 7th wedding anniversary on June 18th, 2012.    He was floored!  He loved it so much and couldn’t believe that I painted it (painting has never been my thing – but I think it’s going to officially be one of my many things now).  Rustic, chipping and peeling paint: just like I wanted.  Now I am constantly on the lookout for pieces of wood to start my next painting endeavor!  The only problem is, we are pretty much out of wall space in our home, so I will just have to start listing these signs in my etsy shop and share the love with everyone. Handpainted Vintage Indian Motorcycle Sign

Our sign loves its new home on our mantel Handpainted Vintage Indian Motorcycle Sign