Welcome to our Cottage Style Home: Our Foyer

Cottage Home: A Bright, Vintage Filled Foyer with Bursts of Color on BinkysNest.com
We moved in to our cozy cottage on September 14th and it has been nothing but project after project.  It is finally starting to feel like a home - rather than a storage unit filled with millions of boxes!

Our first project was to liven up the foyer.  When we moved in, the walls, ceiling, front of the stairs and banister spokes were all a dijon mustardy yellow.  The ceiling light fixture was dark and drab - and it just didn't feel like it set the stage for our home - like a foyer should.  So we painted the ceiling, trim, front of the steps, and banister Martha Stewart's "Pure White" and painted the walls Columbia
Paint™ 0713 Mediterranean Mist.  

We put up a satin nickel chandelier we found on Craigslist for $15 and bought new vintage-looking glass shades for the chandelier (it came with modern looking white ones - not our style).  We got the glass shades at Lowe's and they were only 34 CENTS a piece!  You can't even buy a candy bar for 34 cents - so I knew these were meant to be ours.  The price was right!

Cottage Home: Satin Nickel Chandelier with Vintage Glass Shades on BinkysNest.com

The piece of furniture we are using as a "bench" is actually an entertainment stand we found at Goodwill for $20 - it was in awesome shape and needed no work, so I put some handmade pillows on top of it, to make it in to a comfy place to sit down and take off your shoes.  The drawers come in handy too - for mail, etc.

Cottage Home: Use an old entertainment stand and handmade pillows as a foyer bench on BinkysNest.com

Above the bench, I wanted an eclectic combination of some of our favorite pictures and some vintage pieces.  For the centerpiece, I used an Ikea Ung Drill frame, spray painted it Krylon's Banner Red in glossy, and put a small 8 x 10 mirror from Joann's on top of fabric covered cardboard.  The whole project cost me about $30.  I added some vintage tin advertising pictures, an old license plate from Germany we picked up at a garage sale, a silhouette of Binky and some photos of us - and the whole thing came together quite nicely.

Cottage Home: vintage advertising tins, family pictures, a vintage license plate and a bold mirror for wall decor on BinkysNest.com

What entry way isn't complete with a welcoming rug, to make it feel warm and cozy?  I have been combing Craigslist, trolling online, searching for THE perfect rug for our foyer and then BAM, one day I am at Marshall's looking for a kitchen rug and I find the absolute perfect rug!  And it keeps getting better - it is 100% wool and was on clearance for $39!!  Score!  It picks up all the colors in the foyer and ties them together.  And for a little extra foyer decor, I have a vintage window and shutter, standing beside the door.

Cottage Home: Use an old window and vintage shutter as decor and welcome guests with a colorful rug on BinkysNest.com

And with just a few final touches: some flowers in vintage measuring cups sitting atop two wall sconces (that have been spray painted Krylon's Catalina Mist in satin), a distressed tin star (hand distressed and spray painted Krylon's Sun Yellow in satin) and the world's cutest puppy dog, this foyer really sets the stage for our home and is a perfect reflection of who we are.

Cottage Home: A wall sconce used to hold a vintage measuring cup filled with flowers, a colorful rug, and distressed tin star on BinkysNest.com