Binky's Nest has a new name! Welcome to twenty8divine!

It's a new year and things have really been growing for us!  The new company name, twenty8divine, will still bring you all the same great products, tutorials and style you came to know and love with Binky's Nest.  

For the longest time I have been trying to develop a name that could encompass all that I feature on my site, from recipes and home decor to vintage jewelry and DIY tutorials.  The name Binky's Nest (while I still love the name - our dog is named Binky) seemed to only focus on the home or "nest" aspect of my products.  While our new name twenty8divine is nondescript, it holds a very special meaning, very close to my heart: my Nana, born Marguerite Divine on the 28th of August in 1913.

My Nana touched the lives of so many people and I can still hear her laugh and it brings a smile to my face.  Nana was always very excited and supportive of all the things I created, from the time I was a little kid - so naming my company twenty8divine is a tribute to her.  Her presence brought joy to so many, I hope that my creations and website can bring that same joy to you.
Binky's Nest has a new name!  Welcome to twenty8divine!
Marguerite Divine & Thomas Murray on their Wedding Day: August 1940