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Like a Birthday Present From Your Best Friend Every Month!

Of course woodworking, sewing and creating are my favorite things to do... but my absolute MOST favorite thing to do, is pamper myself! What woman (or man) doesn't love and totally deserve a little TLC? And what's better than some pampering and personal care goodies, tailored to your very needs, sent directly to you every month?

After researching all those different box subscriptions out there, I decided on The Dolce Vita Beauty Box... and I am SO glad I did!!!  Each item I receive each month is like is was chosen just for me; from hair care products, to lotions, nail polish and even jewelry. It's like receiving a gift from a close friend.

What sets The Dolce Vita Beauty Box apart from the rest?....... 

Affordable - $23 per full-sized box for women and men, and $15 per Mini Box. All taxes and shipping are included!
Customizable – YOU choose the type of products you want to receive when ordering your subscription
Environmentally Friendly - The packaging is 100% biodegradable
Expertise - Owner was a hairstylist for 9 years before deciding to take her beauty expertise to a new level
Fast - Orders are filled the same day they are ordered with only 2-3 day shipping
Flexibility - Subscription payment options: monthly or every 6 weeks
Fresh - The box theme is based on the season or current donation campaign
Handmade - All of the jewelry is handmade by the women at Dolce Vita
Philanthropic - 10% of profits are donated to children's organizations and women's shelters and there’s always a "double donation" such as books, school supplies, and coats, depending on the season
Quality - All products are salon exclusive, not sold in department stores
Simplicity – Breeze through the checkout process
VIP Access – You receive exclusive coupons in each box to use toward full-sized products sold on the sleek and user friendly website that offers a wide range of full-sized products and when new products come out (that haven't even hit the salon shelves yet) you will get them first in your Dolce Vita Beauty Box
You Always Come First - Never a wait list

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